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World Day Panel + Voting Deadlines

World Day Against the Death Penalty Panel Discussion Event

On Saturday, October 10, Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty observed the 18th annual World Day Against the Death Penalty by hosting a virtual panel discussion on this year's World Day focus: the right to effective legal counsel at every step of the justice system. If you missed it, you can watch the video here and reflect on the importance of continuing to refine our legal system to be more just and humane, and gain insight on the current landscape of legal reform efforts surrounding capital punishment in Nebraska and beyond. Check it out:

A big thanks goes out to our featured panelists:

  • Nebraska State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks

  • Megan Rollag, Founder and Executive Director, Racial Justice Coalition Nebraska

  • Jahne' Maddock, Policy Director, Racial Justice Coalition Nebraska

  • Christy Hargesheimer, Nebraska State Death Penalty Action Coordinator, Amnesty International USA

Upcoming Voting Deadlines

The 2020 General Election is right around the corner, on Tuesday, November 3! Nebraskan voters will select their choice for not only President of the United States, but one of our two US Senators, all three of our US Representatives, 25 state senators, dozens of other state and local positions, and even some ballot initiatives. Here is a quick run-down of important voting deadlines leading up to the big day, including important links, as well as ways you can skip the polling precinct by voting early.

Friday, October 16

Friday, October 23

Monday, November 2

Tuesday, November 3

  • Polling precincts open at 8:00am Central (7:00am Mountain) - click here to find yours!

  • Final deadline for in-person return of early voting ballot.

  • Polling precincts close at 8:00pm Central (7:00pm Mountain).

Voting is one of the most important tools we have for civic engagement. It is our direct opportunity to choose our own elected representatives at every level of government - local, state, and national. The people we choose to represent us make important decisions every day that affect all of our lives, shape our local and national policy (which includes the broken death penalty system!), and help lead us as a people. If you haven't yet, please spend a couple of minutes making a detailed plan for how you will vote - and then, if you can, commit to reaching out to friends and family to verify that they have detailed plans to vote as well.


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