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Nebraska's Death Penalty is Repealed!

We did it! After overcoming two filibusters and a veto, the Nebraska Unicameral voted 30-19 to repeal the death penalty. A tremendous thank you to the thousands of people who brought us to this moment after decades of hard work.

Please take a moment to thank your Senator for their repeal support!

Then follow-up with a handwritten thank you note for added effect. There is nothing more touching than a personal thank you. These 30 Senators deserve to hear congratulatory messages from their dedicated constituents!

Media coverage

People across the country are taking notice of the landmark victory in Nebraska! We’ve received mountains of positive press, in both Nebraska and around the globe. Check out some of the great articles below:

“Nebraska’s Death Penalty Is Repealed” – Lincoln Journal Star

“Hansen: One Nebraska state senator’s long, hard journey from death penalty backer to execution opponent” – Omaha World Herald

“How America’s Death Penalty Ends” – Politico

“Bipartisan effort ends death penalty in Nebraska” – National Catholic Reporter

“Nebraska vote ‘signals death knell’ for US capital punishment” – The Telegraph (UK)

“Nebraska becomes first conservative state in 40 years to repeal the death penalty” –Mother Jones

“Nebraska bans death penalty, defying a veto” – New York Times


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