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The Repeal Bill is Live

Last week, Senator Ernie Chambers introduced his bill to repeal the death penalty. This will be Senator Chambers’ 38th go at abolishing the death penalty. Let’s make it his last one! After a near win in 2013 and two years of organizing to make sure our new legislators understand why our death penalty fails us, we have great reason for optimism! There are many ways you can help us make repeal a reality. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your Senator knows you want them to vote ‘Yes’ on LB 268 to repeal the death penalty. If you are unsure who your Senator is, or need to their contact info, use this website to find out!

Sending a handwritten note to your Senator is hands-down the most effective way to send a message in support of repeal. Senators don’t receive very many handwritten notes, so even one goes a long way! You can also call your representative and let them know that you support LB 268 and hope that they will too!


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