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Byron and Nick - Our Dynamic Duo

NADP has always thrived on the support of our volunteers. This fall, we’ve been lucky to have the help of Byron Peterson and his dog, Nick. Byron and Nick have tabled at the Episcopalian conference, various churches, and even post offices. Byron and Nick often take a position in a public walk space such as in front of the Post Office, and he always has our NADP postcards with him! Byron is sure to introduce Nick, a professional petting dog, who greatly appreciates any attention he receives. After people sign on to the movement, Byron is sure to warmly affirm them with a high five, plus Nick receives a lot of attention and petting! Byron and Nick are making great strides to rally supporters in Western Nebraska. They truly exemplify how our volunteers are making a difference! NADP is so thankful for the work these two are doing!

With or without a repeal dog, you can help our efforts – email Sarah at for information about how you can volunteer in your community!


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