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Review of "Death Row Stories"

If you have been keeping up with television lately, then you are probably already aware of CNN’s documentary series “Death Row Stories.” Each episode of the series is dedicated to one individual and his/her case, detailing the alleged crime, the sentence, and the experience on death row. Interviews with individuals close to the cases, dramatic narration, as well as images from the case are used to tell the stories, creating a sense of drama that adds to the emotional power of each story.

What stands out most in “Death Row Stories,” though, is the powerful way that those close to the accused, such as lawyers or family members, became activists for the innocence of the accused, sometimes changing the course of the cases for the better. Take, for example, Edward Lee Elmore, the subject of the first episode. Elmore spent decades on death row before being exonerated thanks to Diana Holt, a lawyer who devoted a considerable amount of time to prove his innocence.

The series is ground-breaking because it gives considerable media attention to the stories of death row inmates and the wrongfully convicted in order to highlight very real flaws within the capital punishment system. Furthermore, the popularity of the series has shown how ready the public is to discuss these flaws– and how important it is for supporters like you to share the facts about the death penalty with your friends and family.

Don’t miss the final two episodes of “Death Row Stories” airing Sundays at 8:00 pm CST on CNN.


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