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Join the new "NADP Buzz Corps!"

NADP is busy gearing up for the next phase of work that will finally put an end to the death penalty in Nebraska. As you may know, the Unicameral will be back in session in January, and we need to ensure that the voices of death penalty repeal supporters are heard in the media leading up to and during the legislative session.

We are initiating a new project – the NADP Buzz Corps – to increase the visibility of repeal supporters using online comment sections and letters to the editor. This will inform the public about the problems with the death penalty and ensure that legislators know their constituents support repeal. Sign up for the NADP Buzz Corps now!

Every local community is important, so we need people from all around the state who

can be called upon to help. We will alert you to opportunities and provide you with talking points and/or model letters to submit – all we need is your willingness to participate!

If you are interested in being part of the NADP Buzz Corps, or if you have questions or suggestions, please email Sarah at


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