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Connecticut Governor Signs Repeal into Law

Moments ago, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy signed legislation repealing the death penalty, making Connecticut the 17th state in the nation without a death penalty! Connecticut joins Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York to become the fifth state in five years to repeal the death penalty. Montana, Colorado, Kansas, and Maryland have also considered repeal, and more than 800,000 California voters have signed to put the issue on the ballot in November. While our friends in Connecticut are popping champagne corks, you should be too. Thanks to people like you, we’ve helped Connecticut by sharing contacts, sharing strategies at national events, and doing the work right here in Nebraska that helps spread the word about the death penalty’s failings. The entire country is moving away from the death penalty and that is because of you. Now we need your help to keep the momentum going here. Connecticut was #17. Which number will we be here in Nebraska? Will you support our work with a celebratory gift of $17, or whatever you can afford, to help get us closer to repeal? Our friends at Equal Justice USA are giving away free collectors magnets to commemorate repeal in Connecticut. You can get yours by visiting You can also share their cool “Dear Death Penalty” postcard through that page and help spread the message that the death penalty is dying – everywhere! Please keep the conversation going by taking action today:

Together we can make Nebraska one of the next states to end the death penalty! Thank you again for everything you do to make victories like this possible.


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