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Connecticut, Correction and More Good News

So much has happened since our last email in late March.

– In our last email, we informed you of the opportunity to join the Action committee, but we accidentally told you the wrong date. Our next meeting will be April 14th at 10 am. This group meets during critical times to develop and implement plans of action. Email me at if you are interested in joining.

– This is also a reminder about the First Friday concert benefiting NADP this Friday April 6th in Lincoln. RSVP on Facebook and share it with your friends!

– THEN, we got the news that a Federal District Judge ruled that the FDA broke the law by allowing states (like Nebraska) to import lethal injection drugs manufactured in other countries. The judge ruled these drugs could not be used in executions. With that news, the Lincoln Journal Star wrote an Editorial calling for the State of Nebraska to suspend any further search for lethal injection drugs and just replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of release.

– Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, we learned that the Connecticut Senate voted to repeal the death penalty after many hours of debate. This was the largest hurdle, as it appears that the House is prepared to advance the bill and the Governor intends to sign it. It looks like Connecticut will be state number 17 to abolish the death penalty. Would you consider making a special financial gift to NADP today to help us continue our important education work so Nebraska can become number 18?


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