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Will you Help End this Madness?

The world watched with horror Wednesday night as the highest court in our land granted permission to the State of Georgia to execute a likely innocent man. Under an incredible cloud of doubt about his guilt, Troy Anthony Davis was executed. Like many of you, I have walked from devastated sadness to righteous anger and outrage! I think about Troy’s last words to “not let this fight end with him”. I write today because our period of mourning must end, so that we can organize to end this broken practice once and for all.

As the president of the NAACP, Ben Jealous mentioned several times on Wednesday evening, we need 10 more states to abolish the death penalty in order for a majority of states to be in the repeal column, which can ultimately influence the courts to find capital punishment unconstitutional. Nebraska can and will be one of those states, but only with your help!

Many of you have called and emailed to ask how you can help end the death penalty in Nebraska. I am so glad you asked! Below you’ll find several action steps you can take. Please don’t let your outrage subside! Please talk to everyone you can about Troy’s story and how we must end the madness of the death penalty! Will you help?


Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper

Write to your local paper to express your outrage and to encourage the public to join the fight to replace the death penalty with life in prison without parole. We have provided resources where you can follow easy step-by-step instructions and read some tips on how to write a Letter to the Editor. If you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact me at


Join us at our Annual Reception and Silent Auction: October 27th

Join with fellow abolitionists as we remember Troy Davis, honor local abolition heroines: Norma Fleisher and Senator Brenda Council and hear longtime capital defense attorney Alan Peterson update us on the lethal injection mess in Nebraska. RSVP today to

When: October 27th, 7:00-8:30 Where: Creighton University, Harper Center, Room 3023 (parking available in visitors lot) Cost: $40-Supporter $25-Student/Fixed Income $150-Event Sponsor (two tickets and name listed in program)


Contact Your State Senator

While we are not in legislative session right now, most senators are starting to think about the upcoming session. Now is the time to start asking them where they stand on the Death Penalty so that when the debate comes up, they have already heard from constituents. Click here to find your state senator and write him or her an email or personal letter.


Host an Educational Event in your Area

Hosting an educational event is a great way to have a discussion, educate people of the dismal truth about the death penalty and expand our support base. This can be a simple party at your home with friends, or hosting a film-screening and discussion at your local library or event hall. If you are interested in hosting/coordinating a gathering in your area contact Carla Stromberg at and we will be happy to help you get that rolling.



It is no secret that we cannot do this work without your financial support. We are a small operation, but because of the generous contributions from our supporters, we can make great strides toward abolition in Nebraska. Please give whatever you are able, as every donation helps. If you are interested in setting up an automatic monthly donation, please contact Carla Stromberg at


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