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19th Anniversary of Pulse Omaha

NADP encourages you to help PULSE Omaha celebrate nearly two decades of service to the Omaha community. On Thursday, August 19, 2010 PULSE Omaha will celebrate its 19th anniversary with a benefit concert by famed jazz guitarist and Omaha native, Calvin Keys. Keys, along with his trio, will be preforming at 1316 Jones Street in downtown Omaha. Tickets are $50 in advance and can be purchased by calling 402.898.6053.

PULSE Omaha, which stands for People Uniting, Lending Support & Encouragement, is a non-profit organization based that offers comprehensive, long-term support for secondary victims of homicide. Since 1991, PULSE has offered crisis intervention, counseling resources, and peer support groups for secondary victims of homicide, and works deeply with the community towards an end to violence in our streets and homes. NADP is a strong supporter of PULSE, as we know that the that the death penalty does not meet the many needs of those impacted by homicides.

You can find out more by visiting PULSE’s website at


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