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Death Row Special Fund

It started with an appeal for typewriters from the men on death row. The machines had to be very specific, prison-approved typewriters, so NADP established a special fund to collect money to buy a few typewriters. Then money was needed for typewriter ribbons. Later we established a fund for a subscription to the Omaha World Herald. The subscription is in one man’s name, but it is shared with everyone on the row.

Many visitors to the men have noted that the typewriters, ink supplies, and newspapers are greatly appreciated by the prisoners. They make extensive use of their typewriters for correspondence, legal appeals, and even writing poetry. When the subscription to the newspaper expires, it is missed.

If you would like to make a contribution to this fund, send your check to NADP Foundation with a note in the memo line that it is for the special fund. The money will be used to purchase typewriter supplies, newspaper subscriptions, and occasionally a new typewriter. Mail your check to NADP Foundation, 941 ‘O’ Street, Suite 725, Lincoln, NE 68508.


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