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Nebraskans Speak Out Against the Death Penalty and Lethal Injection

Hearing on proposed lethal injection protocols generates much interest

NADP is grateful to everyone who made their voices heard in opposition to Nebraska’s death penalty and the proposed lethal injection protocols. We were pleased to see the number of individuals from around the state who submitted written testimony and those who brought their powerful voices to the public hearing.

Just days before the Department of Correctional Services was set to hear public comments on Nebraska’s proposed lethal injection protocol calling for the use of a 3 drug cocktail, the state of Ohio announced that it would be changing to a never-before used one-drug protocol. Corrections officials in Ohio made this change after the state had three botched executions in as many years. However, officials here, including the Attorney General, have indicated that Nebraska will continue to stick to the proposed 3 drug protocol, all but guaranteeing years of costly litigation. This situation continues to highlight just how broken the death penalty system is. Read more about the hearing and the announcement from Ohio here.

Additionally, it is clear that no method of execution is ever going to fix the fundamental flaws with the death penalty–the risk of executing an innocent person, the staggering cost, the lack of fairness in sentencing… the list goes on and on. The proposal now being considered by the Department of Correctional Services only guarantees more years of delay and additional costs to taxpayers, at a time where state and local budgets are tighter than ever. No matter what method of execution Nebraska’s officials opt for, the death penalty is dying, and Nebraskans are ready to see it go!


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