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Give to Lincoln Day 2021 is here!

Today is the tenth annual Give to Lincoln Day event sponsored by the Lincoln Community Foundation to encourage local philanthropy! Since online giving began May 1, NADP has welcomed some wonderful gifts as well as some generous outside matches from Matt, Dylan and Megan, and Josh and Susanne—giving us a chance at our best Give to Lincoln Day yet. This is the best day of the year to renew your partnership in the fight to replace the broken death penalty system in Nebraska, because every gift adds to NADP's share of this year's record-high $500,000 challenge match fund.

Nebraskans of all walks of life have an outstanding opportunity to invest in the growing movement to end the broken death penalty in our state once and for all.  Are you eager to help?  Your gift at this critical time will help propel the movement forward into the future, and with your support NADP will continue working hard to rebuild a statewide operation and meet a series of ambitious goals:

  • Identifying new repeal champions in the State Legislature

  • Growing outreach and education efforts for elected representatives and prosecutors

  • Gathering support for legislation that increases transparency and accountability surrounding the administration of the death penalty

  • Building organizing infrastructure, including full-time staff

  • Engaging in robust social media campaigns

Investing in public outreach: tabling, book clubs, vigils, movie screenings, discussion panels, etc.

  • Producing new thought-provoking materials to challenge the death penalty as bad public policy

Please help build momentum with a gift of $25, $50, or $100, or whatever you can contribute towards the fight to end the death penalty in Nebraska!

Here are three easy ways to help spread the word:

  1. Email the link to 10 friends and invite them to join you in contributing.

  2. Share the link on Facebook,

and tag your friends to encourage others to do the same.

  1. Tweet about your support for our campaign by tagging @N_A_D_P and using the hashtag #GiveToLincoln.

Thank you for helping our campaign be as successful as possible!


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