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RELX, an innovative method for pain-free smoking cessation

What reasons do you think people have to give up their resolve to quit smoking? "Uh ...... because ...... smokes and feels uninspired, tired, lethargic and craving?" Is that what you call "torture"? We know that smoking is dangerous. But we also understand that many people are able to heal their emotions and feelings very well with various smoking cessation aids

But wouldn't it be better if we could create a balance of "happiness and safety" at the same time? We'd like to introduce "RELX Infinity," the newest model of RELX Pod that won many awards at the past 2020 Red Dot Awards, which adds beauty to every time you pick it up, and the RELX Infinity Pod Flavor. Eight flavors range from sweet and sour fruit flavors like grape and watermelon to fresh mint cola flavors, and not only that, RELX Pod has developed a cool innovation for every smoker. Reduce the harm of cigarettes by more than 90%.

The cause of addiction - addiction - regular cigarettes contain as much as 7.5-13.4 mg of "nicotine" in one cigarette, which is the cause of many people's addiction to heavy smoke to what is known as Addiction is the main culprit. Because when nicotine works, it stimulates the release of chemicals in the brain that create a feeling of relaxation. Many people choose to smoke regularly to reduce stress, but over time, the amount of nicotine the body needs increases And more frequently, resulting in the need to pick up a cigarette more often, even how much I want to quit just hoping.

Severe smoking addiction characteristics, long-term continuous smokers. After quitting smoking for more than 4-6 hours, emotional and physical symptoms such as irritability, stress, anxiety, dry mouth, shaky hands, and blurred vision can begin to appear. Feeling frustrated Running out of solutions until you want to hurt yourself. The resulting pain Unfortunately, this is one of the factors that causes many people to stop trying to quit smoking.

The difference between cigarettes and e-cigarettes RELX Infinity can be described as different, from the look and function to the price.

Here, we will compare them clearly in joint form and without smoking regular cigarettes.

1. the design is not new. In addition it has a single look Impossible to choose

2. the amount of nicotine and the more toxic residue produced by burning

3. has an unpleasant smell destroys personality

4. expensive, use up, buy again.

RELX infinite electronic cigarette

1. cool POD design with stronger material.

2. There are many colors to choose from, light weight and easy to carry.

3. POD has been developed better. Prevent cigarette liquid from leaking.

4. Filter the toxins that will enter the body. Use heat from the ceramic plate instead of burning.

5. Various aromas and flavors, fragrant, sweet, eye catching, giving a new feeling of not being bored.

6. One-time investment can be used for a long time by charging the battery

With interesting features and the multiple functions of RELX Infinity e-cigarette, you can discover a new dimension of balanced happiness. Safe for your body and friendly for your mind until you fall in love with yourself. Don't believe it if you haven't tried it, we at RELX Australia challenge you to prove RELX Infinity and smoke it hard again, I tell you!

All genuine RELX products are sourced from Cake. Quality is guaranteed And claims can be made against distributors, giving RELXers confidence in quality. and the safety of all products


RELX, an innovative method for pain-free smoking cessation

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