Action Alert: Pardons Board Meeting

Last week, Attorney General Doug Peterson filed a request with the Nebraska Supreme Court to issue an execution warrant to Carey Dean Moore. They have yet to do so, in part because Mr. Moore actually has a pending request for pardon. The pardons board, which is made up of the Governor (Pete Ricketts), the Attorney General (Doug Peterson) and the Secretary of State (John Gale) usually takes about a year o morer to place inmates who have applied for a pardon on their docket. However, yesterday afternoon, a pardons board meeting was scheduled last-minute for next Tuesday - and Carey Dean Moore jumped above other applicants to be placed on the docket. Could this be a coincidence? Possibly. But i

Execution Warrant Requested; Multiple Lethal Injection Challenges Remain

Yesterday, Attorney General Doug Peterson requested an execution warrant from the state supreme court for Carey Dean Moore, Nebraska’s longest serving death row inmate. Should a warrant be granted, an execution date would be set within 60 days. This is disappointing news, but we know that Nebraskans are committed to transparency and we remain optimistic that an execution won’t be carried out anytime soon. There are currently five separate challenges to Nebraska’s death penalty system, outlined below. 1. Sandoval v. Ricketts - This case, brought by eight death row inmates, challenges the validity of their sentences based on the fact that LB268 (which repealed the death penalty) went into effe


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