Could we Execute an Innocent Man in 2015?

Richard Glossip is the Oklahoma death row inmate who was scheduled to be executed September 16th, but received a last minute stay due to the many troubling questions in his case. Read this letter from a variety of community leaders explaining the troubling details of his case, including Barry Switzer, head football coach at the University of Oklahoma. “The writers of this letter have a wide range of professional backgrounds and political perspectives. But we share a deep concern about the integrity of the criminal justice system in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. We are particularly concerned about the danger of executing an innocent man. Could that really happen? In the United S

$50,000+ Shipment of Illegal Drugs Held Back in India

This Buzzfeed story has the latest in the ongoing saga over attempts to illegally import executions drugs into our state: “Nebraska ordered more than $50,000 of sodium thiopental and other execution drugs from a distributor in India named Chris Harris in May. The Food and Drug Administration has consistently maintained that importing the drug would be illegal, but the state has shown every intention of moving forward regardless. The FDA says it will not allow the drug into the U.S.”

Could the Courts Throw Out the Ballot Initiative?

A lawsuit filed last week says the ballot initiative process to try to undo death penalty repeal didn’t properly identify the leaders behind the effort and thus the ballot initiative isn’t valid. “Petition signers should have been told the “true and actual sponsors” of the referendum drive because it could have influenced their decision, the lawsuit says. It also argues that Ricketts used his title as governor to raise money in letters to residents over the summer.” Read the full article here.

We Still Need You - Get Involved with the Next Stage of our Campaign

NADP is a founding member and partner organization in Nebraskans for Public Safety (N4PS), the campaign that led the Decline to Sign effort this summer, and will work to ensure Repeal is protected at the 2016 general elections. Here is the latest update from Nebraskans for Public Safety: We have successfully laid the foundation for what will be a strong General Election campaign. Because of you, we can compete with the deep pockets of our opponents. While we are going to work tirelessly to monitor the petition validation process to ensure that it is fair and legal, we are going to start looking ahead to the work that needs to be done in order to keep our broken death penalty where it belongs

NADP Statement on Latest Financial Filing for Referendum

Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (NADP) said that the latest finance report, filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission on behalf of those who are seeking a return of the death penalty, shows that Nebraskans have other priorities. In the latest filing, Nebraskans for the Death Penalty spent $903, 000 to put reinstatement of the death penalty on the ballot in November 2016. “Frankly, I’m stunned that they would spend so extravagantly just to collect signatures. Nebraskans are more concerned with a fair tax rate, fixing roads, and affordable healthcare than they are with the effort to bring back the death penalty,” said Rev. Stephen Griffith, Executive Dir


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