Nebraska's Death Penalty is Repealed!

We did it! After overcoming two filibusters and a veto, the Nebraska Unicameral voted 30-19 to repeal the death penalty. A tremendous thank you to the thousands of people who brought us to this moment after decades of hard work. Please take a moment to thank your Senator for their repeal support! Then follow-up with a handwritten thank you note for added effect. There is nothing more touching than a personal thank you. These 30 Senators deserve to hear congratulatory messages from their dedicated constituents! Media coverage People across the country are taking notice of the landmark victory in Nebraska! We’ve received mountains of positive press, in both Nebraska and around the globe. Check

Legislature Passes Death Penalty Repeal!

After two hours of debate, we overcame yet another filibuster, and the legislature voted 32-15 to repeal the death penalty. The debate today was stirring, with our allies speaking eloquently on the myriad reasons why the death penalty is a bad policy for Nebraska. The bill will now head to the Governor’s desk, and he has promised a veto. If he vetoes the bill (we expect he will), Senators will need to come back for a fourth vote where we’ll need at least 30 votes to override the veto. We are so close to the finish line and we cannot let up now. Please help us hold on to this victory by emailing your Senator with this Action Alert. The email will be tailored to how your Senator voted, so you

Statement from Concerned Conservative Nebraskans

CONSERVATIVES AND REPUBLICANS CALL FOR REPEAL OF NEBRASKA’S DEATH PENALTY As conservative and Republican leaders in Nebraska, we come from a variety of perspectives and affiliations, but our core principles – limited government, fiscal responsibility, the right to life and liberty – unite us in our shared concerns about the death penalty. Rather than make us safer, capital punishment has proven to be a costly government program prone to error and abuse. In light of its track record, the prudent move for our state would be to replace the death penalty with the harsh punishment of life without possibility of parole. There has been a dramatic shift among conservatives in understanding criminal


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