Huge Victory, Act Now!

After a morning of passionate debate,The Nebraska Unicameral took a vote on LB 268, the bill to repeal the death penalty. The bill passed with sweeping support from 30 senators, with only 13 voting against it! Read coverage from the Lincoln Journal Star. We are now past the first hurdle toward passing the bill, but it is more crucial than ever that you contact your Senator. We have to win two more votes before the bill goes to the Governor’s desk. And if the Governor vetoes the bill as he promised, we need to hold on to all 30 of those votes to override it. Your Senator must hear from you! Our partners at EJUSA created a simple form to thank your Senator for their support of repeal, or to t

Exoneree Ray Krone Visits Nebraska

This week, death row exoneree Ray Krone visited Nebraska. He and NADP Executive Director Stacy Anderson were interviewed on the KFAB radio station. On Tuesday evening, Ray spoke to a group of 120 people at an event co-sponsored by Nebraska Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty as well asthe Creighton University chapters of Students for Life and Young Americans for Liberty. Ray shared the story of how he was wrongfully convicted and sent to death row. Everyone in the audience could relate to different aspects of Ray’s life and story. His story is just one example of the many problems with the death penalty. He reminded the crowd that if it happened to him, it could happen to anyone.

What's Buzzing?

Are you looking for more ways to be involved with the death penalty repeal movement? Consider joining our Buzz Corp. This is a group of individuals from across the state who assist with sending in letters to the editor and other responses to recent death penalty related news. We help with formatting and wording the piece. It’s an extremely helpful, easy way to contribute to NADP. And we need people from all over the state. The Buzz Corp has yielded great success. In fact, just last week, Rosie Volkmer, a dedicated NADP volunteer, had a public pulse piece published in the Omaha World Herald. To get involved with the Buzz Corp, please email Colleen at and she will get you sign

Another Nebraska Conservative Leader Supports Repeal

The number of Conservative voices in the state calling for repeal continues to grow. Just this week, Bryan Baumgart, former Douglas County Republican Chair, wrote a public pulse piece that was published in the Omaha World-Herald. Mr. Baumgart said: “The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a measure (Legislative Bill 268) to replace the death penalty with life without the possibility of release. With broad bipartisan support and increasing momentum, the bill now heads to the full Legislature for a vote. As a conservative Republican, I have come to the conclusion that I do not support capital punishment. It risks innocent lives, costs more than its alternatives, fails to det

Put the Pressure on!

Within the next few weeks it is likely that floor debate on LB 268 will begin in the Unicameral. It is more crucial than ever that your Senator hears from you. We want our legislators to be flooded with constituents calling on them to support repeal of the death penalty! A hand-written note is truly the best way to send a message to your Senator. Now is the time to pop a letter in the mail to your legislator! Use this link to look up who your Senator is. Additionally, you can find great resources and talking points for your letter on this website. Legislators do read your mail - and the more they hear from constituents calling for repeal, the bigger the impact will be. Take the time to write


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