Two New Death Row Exonerations

Henry McCollum and Leon Brown are now numbers 145 and 146 on the list of innocent people exonerated from death row since 1973, based on DNA evidence. After a wrong conviction and 30 years in prison, McCollum and his half–brother Brown were exonerated and set free on Tuesday, September 2nd. McCollum and Brown’s story is one that shows the many flaws of the death penalty system. McCollum and Brown’s story begins in September 1983 when Sabrina Buie was murdered. McCollum and Brown, ages 19 and 15 at the time, were arrested for the murder. McCollum and Brown were both subjugated to intense interrogation by prosecutors, who intimidated and threatened them, despite the fact that both brothers are

Join the I Am Troy Davis Book Club

I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club On September 21st, 2011, the state of Georgia executed Troy Anthony Davis. Troy Davis was executed in spite of the significant doubt about his guilt: there was no physical evidence linking him to the case, and seven of the nine primary witnesses eventually recanted or changed their testimony. His death serves as a painful reminder to all of us that our death penalty system is broken beyond repair. To learn more about Troy Davis’s case and the flaws in the death penalty system it exposed, check out I Am Troy Davis, a book co-authored by Jen Marlowe and Davis’ sister Martina Davis-Correia. This fall, in memory of Troy’s execution, groups around the country w

Action Committee Update

The last few weeks have been productive for members of the Action Committee! Members are currently researching faith communities across the state for NADP to contact about hosting a Death Penalty Faithful Reflection event. So far, our fantastic volunteers have researched close to 300 churches in Nebraska. Soon, the Action Committee will begin reaching out to these faith communities to schedule Faithful Reflection events. Reaching out to churches and conducting these events is no small task for the tiny NADP staff. We can’t do everything and are reliant on the support of our volunteer base. NADP still needs your help! There are many volunteer opportunities to suit your interests best! Consid

Victims and Law Enforcement - We want to hear from you!

As NADP presses forward to replace the death penalty in our state, we want to highlight the voices of those with personal experience with our justice system. Individuals who have lost loved ones to murder, or worked professionally with the justice system (such as prosecutors, corrections’ officials, police officers, parole officers, prison chaplains) have a unique perspective we want to learn from. If you know of someone in law enforcement or who is a murder victim family member, please reach out to NADP by emailing us at We would love the opportunity to simply speak with these people and learn more about their story. It’s okay if they are ambivalent, or even pro-death pen


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