Innocence in the News

Last Tuesday, Glenn Ford became the 144th innocent person to be exonerated from death row. Ford’s case is yet another example of the flaws of the capital punishment system in America. He was the longest-serving inmate on Louisiana’s death row, having spent almost 30 years there for a 1983 murder. According to lawyers, Ford’s case had many of the usual flaws of death penalty cases, including inexperienced legal defense and suppression of evidence that would have shown he was not involved in the murder. Ford reflected on how his wrongful conviction had permanently altered his life. “I can’t go back and do anything I should have been doing when I was 35, 38, 40 stuff like that,” he said. If you

New Hampshire Moves Closer to Abolition!

New Hampshire is now even closer to becoming the 19th state to abolish the death penalty, and the seventh in the past 7 years. Last Wednesday, New Hampshire’s House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to abolish the death penalty. The bill had strong bipartisan support. Now, a vote in the state Senate is the only hurdle that New Hampshire citizens face to abolish their death penalty for good!

Hear from Shon Hopwood on March 13th!

Unlike most lawyers, Shon Hopwood didn’t begin his legal journey in law school, but in federal prison. At the age of 23, Shon, a Nebraska native, was sentenced to over a decade in prison for his involvement in five bank robberies. While in prison, he learned to write legal briefs for other prisoners and discovered a passion for criminal justice. By the time he left prison, Shon had become an experienced Supreme Court practitioner and a powerful advocate for prison reform. He is currently a Gates Public Service Law Scholar at the University of Washington School of Law. You can hear from Shon Hopwood yourself one week from today on Thursday, March 13 at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lincoln. Sho

Evidence of Innocence Grows in TX Execution

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed by the state of Texas in 2004 for allegedly murdering his three daughters by setting fire to his house. Now, his case is returning to the spotlight once more. In the 10 years since his execution, a growing body of evidence has emerged suggesting that Willingham was innocent and that his trial, conviction, and execution were based on flawed forensics and concealed deals between the prosecutor and a jailhouse informant. Numerous experts have testified that there is no credible evidence that the fire that killed Willingham’s daughters was related to arson at all. Now, lawyers working to obtain a posthumous pardon for Cameron Willingham say they have evidence

NADP Remembers Sister Elaine Herold

NADP notes the passing of a long-time supporter, Notre Dame Sister Elaine Herold, who died following surgery on February 14. Sister Elaine was a counselor and chaplain, and served as the director of pastoral care at St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln for 16 years. She had recently been elected to a leadership position with the Notre Dame Sisters in Omaha. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she was well-known for her kolache baking skills, and as one sister mentioned, “with Elaine, there was no stranger. She welcomed everyone into her heart.” Along with all the Notre Dame Sisters, Sister Elaine worked and prayed for repeal of the death penalty in Nebraska. We sal


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