Read Bud Welch's Story Online

Last fall, Bud Welch visited Nebraska to share his personal story with us at our annual reception and silent auction. Bud lost his daughter Julie in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and has since become a powerful advocate for death penalty abolition. This week the Spirit Catholic Radio network published a story about Bud, his work, and his visit to Nebraska. The story includes a comment from NADP’s executive director Stacy Anderson. You can read the whole story online here.

Maryland Supports Victims' Families

Last year, the state of Maryland took a huge step towards better supporting murder victims’ families by abolishing the death penalty. Now, the state wants to make sure that programs for those families have the support they need. Last month, Governor Martin O’Malley set aside funding in the state budget specifically to assist murder victims’ family members. Maryland has been a leader in recognizing the needs of crime survivors, but family members of murder victims have too often been left behind. Programs that do exist to help this community have unfortunately been under-funded and under-staffed. Soon, the legislature in Maryland will consider the “Programs for Survivors of Homicide” bill, wh

NADP Remembers John Taylor

Last month, NADP lost a long-time supporter and tireless advocate for death penalty abolition and other social justice issues. John Taylor was an active member of NADP’s board of directors and a vital leader during NADP’s early days. As director of the Nebraska Civil Liberties Union (now ACLU Nebraska), John took NADP under his wing, providing office space and access to NCLU resources that were crucial to NADP’s existence. John was not only generous with resources, but also with his time. Above and beyond his work at the NCLU, John assisted NADP by gathering the support of NCLU membership, testifying at hearings, helping with lawsuits concerning death row conditions, and working in conjuncti

Big Steps Forward in Washington and New Hampshire

Last week saw two states on opposite ends of the country take large steps forward towards death penalty abolition. In Washington, Governor Jay Inslee announced a death penalty moratorium in his state. This means that Governor Inslee will issue a reprieve whenever a capital punishment case reaches his desk for the remainder of his term in office. “Equal justice under the law is the state’s primary responsibility,” Inslee said, “and in death penalty cases, I’m not convinced equal justice is being served.” Inslee added that location and cost were primary factors in the death penalty’s uneven application. “The use of the death penalty in this state is unequally applied, sometimes dependent on th

Tell Your State Senator you Support Repeal

Last year Nebraska came closer than ever to abolishing the death penalty when a majority of the Nebraska Legislature supported a bill to replace the death penalty with life without parole. This year’s legislative session is a short one, so we’ll be watching it closely to see if the death penalty will be debated again. In the meantime though, it’s important that you continue to contact your state senators and let them know that you support repealing the death penalty in Nebraska. Visit our action page to contact your state senator right now.

NADP Discusses Innocence on Death Row

Last week, NADP was busy with two opportunities to talk to Nebraskans about how innocent people can end up on death row. On Tuesday we participated in a panel discussion about the Troy Davis case, where we shared information about how the issues of innocence raised by the case impact Nebraskans as well. Then, on Thursday, we screened the mini-documentary series “One for Ten” at the Urban Abbey in Omaha. Afterwards we answered questions about innocence on death row and the death penalty in Nebraska. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us at one of these events last week, and to our wonderful hosts who made them possible. If you can help us educate Nebraskans about the death penalty, let u

Beatrice 6 Suit Ends in Mistrial

After spending a collective 70 years in prison, the Beatrice Six were pardoned in 2009; DNA testing proved their innocence. Their convictions were largely based on false confessions: each of the six testified about being forced through rigorous interrogations and threats of the death penalty. Last Thursday, the federal civil rights trial that sought compensation for the six ended in a mistrial when the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The suit, filed against the cases' original investigators, was focused on determining whether the initial investigation was reckless and whether the investigators manufactured evidence. The case of the Beatrice Six is a clear example of the dangers

2013 Sees Record Number of Exonerations

More innocent people were released from prison last year than in any year before. In 2013 alone, 87 innocent people were exonerated in the United States, after spending an average of 12 years in prison. The National Registry of Exonerations marks this record-breaking year in their new report, available to read online. This news reflects a growing concern with many of the causes of wrongful conviction that are often ignored, including false confessions extracted under the threat of the death penalty. But it also shows that we still have a long way to go, and it shows the importance of abolishing the death penalty to protect the innocent from wrongful conviction. Read more about the Beatrice S

Don't Miss Shane Claiborne in Henderson!

This weekend you have the opportunity to hear one of the strongest religious voices against the death penalty speak in Nebraska. Shane Claiborne, the coordinator of the Simple Way faith community in Philadelphia, will be speaking this weekend, February 8-9, at Bethesda Mennonite Church in Henderson, NE. Shane joined us last spring in Omaha to talk about death penalty repeal from a Christian perspective. If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss the chance to hear Shane speak - and look out for Stacy, our Executive Director, who will be making the trip to Henderson this weekend! Find the full schedule of events with Shane online here.


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