Time is Running Out - Join us for NADP's Annual Event and Silent Auction!

You do not want to miss NADP’s Annual Event and Silent Auction this year! When: Thursday, September 26th 7:00-8:30pm Where: Harper Center at Creighton University 602 N. 20th Street Omaha, NE 68178 Keynote Address: Bud Welch became an ardent spokesperson against the death penalty after his daughter, Julie, along with 167 others, was killed in the bomb blast that destroyed the Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Welch has testified before 22 state legislative bodies, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, the Russian Duma, and the British and European Parliaments, in addition to addressing numerous groups at universities, law schools, and religious organizations across the U.S., Eu

Troy Davis: 2 Years Later

On September 21, 2011, the State of Georgia executed Troy Anthony Davis. Troy Davis was executed in spite of the significant doubt about his guilt– there was no physical evidence linking him to the case and seven of the nine primary witnesses eventually recanted or changed their testimony. Davis’ execution was protested by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including Pope Benedict XVI and President Jimmy Carter. His death continues to serve as a painful reminder to all of us that our death penalty system is broken beyond repair. As the 2nd anniversary of Troy Davis’ execution approaches, let’s keep up the fight to abolish the death penalty by making Nebraska the next state to

NADP Update September 19th, 2013

Have you registered to attend our annual reception and silent auction next Thursday, September 26? Register online now, or you’ll miss out on hearing a truly powerful speaker share his personal story of forgiveness and healing. After Bud Welch’s daughter Julie was killed in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building in April of 1995, Bud wanted nothing more than to see Timothy McVeigh dead. For many months, Bud suffered under the weight of the loss of his daughter and his crippling hatred of the man responsible for her death. But then, when he could take it no more, Bud realized that it was hatred and revenge like his own that had caused Julie’s death in the first place. “I had to do

VIDEO: Watch Sister Helen Speak in St. Paul

Two weeks ago, Sister Helen Prejean spoke to over 300 Nebraskans in St. Paul and Columbus, reminding us that we have a chance to end the death penalty for good in our state. “I’m going to say flat out: Nebraska doesn’t deserve the death penalty,” she said. If you weren’t able to make it to hear Sister Helen speak in person, you can now watch her full presentation. Thanks to Larry Molczyk for capturing this video! Please watch Sister Helen’s powerful message and share it with a friend who should see it as well. If you share on Facebook and Twitter, let us know that you did by tagging us in the post or tweet!

"My Job is to Tell the Story:" Sr. Helen's Visit to Nebraska

Sister Helen Prejean, the author of the bestselling book Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States and a nationally-known voice speaking against the death penalty, spoke to more than three hundred Nebraskans in St. Paul and Columbus last week. Prejean, a Louisiana native and a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph, spoke at Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church in St. Paul on Wednesday evening and at the First United Methodist Church Christian Center in Columbus on Thursday. Prejean also visited a speech class at Central Community College in Columbus on Thursday afternoon, where she shared advice about storytelling and public speaking in addition to ta

News Coverage of Sister Helen Events

Grand Island Independent reporter Amy Schweitzer joined us with over 200 other audience members in welcoming Sister Helen Prejean to Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Parish in St. Paul Nebraska last night. She wrote about Sister Helen’s talk in an article that appeared in the Independent’s morning edition today, noting, “Prejean told her story of how she became involved in trying to find other solutions to murderers than ‘just imitating them: They kill so we should do what they did?'” Read the full article here. In advance of the event last night and another event with Sister Helen tonight in Columbus, several outlets have covered her visit and experience working for death penalty repeal: The

"We have a Chance in Nebraska"

Last night Sister Helen Prejean reminded us: “We have a chance in Nebraska.” Sister Helen shared her message of grace and justice with nearly 200 Nebraskans at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in St. Paul. She told the story of how her experiences with death row inmates and the families of murder victims transformed her understanding of the human dignity and motivated her to fight for a culture that respects basic human rights. “We make the choice for our resources to go to life or to go to death.” Sister Helen also reminded us how close we are to repealing the death penalty in Nebraska, and how important it is for us to take action now. We truly do have a chance in Nebraska to replace

Prairie Fire Examines the Death Penalty

Earlier this summer Prairie Fire, a local Nebraska journal that explores issues of public policy, ran a three-part story about the death penalty in Nebraska and the growing opposition to it. Follow the links below to learn more about why Nebraskans want to replace the death penalty with life without the possibility of parole. Part 1 of the story examines the extreme cost of the death penalty and other practical failings of the death penalty system. Part 2 discusses the experiences of the unjustly convicted and families of murder victims who have been harmed by the current death penalty system. Finally, Part 3 explores the movement against the death penalty in Nebraska and the many new voices


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