Majority of Nebraska Legislature Supports Death Penalty Repeal

NADP entered the 2013 legislative session with a calm, cool plan of continuing the long-term dialogue about the death penalty with Senators in Lincoln. Working with bill sponsor, Senator Ernie Chambers, we set out to meet the freshmen and ensure that veteran Senators heard from you, the many repeal supporters from around the state. It was no surprise to us that our hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee went so well; after all, we know the truth is on our side. Little did we know it would lead to a 7-0 vote and an overwhelming show of support from Senators across the political spectrum. With your help, we ramped up our efforts and worked with our allies in the Unicameral to mount a full

NADP Pays Tribute to Two Stalwart Advocates

NADP lost two long-time supporters and leaders this spring. Nelson Potter and Elizabeth “Betty” Carpenter were both recipients of NADP’s C.A. Sorensen Award, both professors of philosophy at UNL, and both made repeal of the death penalty in Nebraska an important part of their legacies. Betty and Nelson shared a concern for and mentorship of Harold “Willie” Otey, the first person executed in Nebraska following the 1976 reinstatement of the death penalty. Betty, along with her late husband George (who was the principal of the school that used to exist at Nebraska State Penitentiary) was a frequent visitor of Otey, often taking along their young son, Bill. They were impressed with how Willie ma

Shane Claiborne and Curtis McCarty Speak in Omaha

NADP made a powerful case for repeal April 20 when evangelical leader Shane Claiborne and death row exoneree Curtis McCarty spoke to a large crowd at Creighton University’s Harper Center in Omaha. Claiborne coordinates the Simple Way Ministry in Philadelphia and is a well-known author and speaker. He challenged the crowd with his talk, “The Myth of Redemptive Violence: Who Would Jesus Execute?” McCarty followed him and held the crowd in a hushed silence as he recounted his years of drug abuse and dissipation. In a soft voice, McCarty recounted the pain he caused his family and his frequent rides in the back of police cruisers while growing up in Oklahoma. His journey down the wrong path put

What's in a name?

After several months of discussions, board members of Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty decided to change the organization’s name to Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. The name is slightly different, but is more reflective of our overall forward-looking attitude. This change does not in any way change our mission for repeal in Nebraska, but it does call forth the wider ideals that NADP embraces. First, we are excited to be for alternatives to the death penalty, rather than just against capital punishment. We are for a fairer system that serves all Nebraskans, by using scarce resources to prevent and solve crimes and provide the needed services to all victims. Along those sa


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