2012 Annual Reception and Silent Auction

I am excited to announce that the NADP Annual Fundraising event was a wonderful success! The evening started off with time for food, socializing, and local music from Michael Murphy. Old friends and new were able to meet and connect through the movement. Supporters mingled and talked while bidding on the more than 60 silent auction items donated by generous local businesses and artists. To kick off the program for the evening, Senator Danielle Conrad was honored for her continued work to abolish the death penalty in the Nebraska Legislature. Senator Conrad has been a strong and skilled spokeswoman during numerous debates on the floor and has worked tirelessly to make sure her colleagues have

Help End California's Death Penalty

With the election fast approaching, the state of California will vote on proposition 34, also known as the End the Death Penalty Initiative. If approved, this initiative will end the death penalty in California and replace it with life in jail without the possibility of parole. It is incredibly important that this bill is passed and that the state of California abolishes the death penalty. For more information on how to help out, visit EJUSA’s website.

Upcoming Nebraska Events

The E.N. Thompson forum series will be held at the Lied Center. This year’s Wilson Dialogue is titled “The Death Penalty: Justice, Retribution, and Dollars,” and will take place at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, November 28th. The event’s speakers will be J. Kirk Brown, Nebraska Solicitor General, and Michael Radelet, University of Colorado Boulder Professor. See the EN Thompson forum website for more information.

The High Cost of Killing People

Editorial A ballot referendum to be decided Nov. 6 in California makes a case we have made many times on this page, and should resonate with the 33 states, including Nebraska, that still have the death penalty on their statute books. Voters in California will decide whether to abolish the death penalty, based primarily on economic grounds, and substitute life in prison without possibility of parole. While in the past many of the arguments against the death penalty have been based on moral grounds, and the possibility of executing an innocent person, this time the case is being made that cash-strapped California simply can’t afford the stratospheric cost of legally killing people. According t


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