Too Fallible for the Death Penalty

Editorial The case of the crooked crime scene investigator in Douglas County provides another glaring example of why the criminal justice system cannot be trusted to apply the death penalty. Humans not only make honest mistakes, sometimes they plant evidence and lie. The conviction of former CSI chief David Kofoed for tampering with the evidence in a double murder case was upheld earlier this month by the Nebraska Supreme Court. Kofoed was convicted for planting a speck of blood in a car belonging to a suspect in the case. His bogus evidence resulted in two innocent men being held in jail for several months. Police even wrung a false confession out of one of them. Fortunately for the two men

10 Tough Questions about the Death Penalty

Have you ever been discussing the death penalty with friends or family and felt blind-sided by a really tough question? On June 2nd we want to help equip you to respond to those tough questions in a respectful, informed manner. We have learned most people start to reconsider the death penalty because a friend or family member told them something they did not know about it. On June 2nd we will be holding 2 trainings, one in Lincoln and one in Omaha. This training is entitled “10 Tough Questions About the Death Penalty”. We will present the most effective ways to discuss the death penalty whether you’re talking to people over the water cooler or presenting to your book club, Bible study, or so


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