Midlands Voices: Execution Costly, Legally Unsound

By: Mike Nelsen | February 27, 2011 The writer, of Omaha, is a lawyer. He is not involved in the Carey Dean Moore case, but he is involved in two other Nebraska death-row cases. It would appear that the season for executing Nebraskans has come around again. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning has asked the Nebraska Supreme Court to issue a death warrant for Carey Dean Moore, who has been on death row since 1979. Executing a man after more than 30 years on death row makes little sense to many people. Yet, it makes a lot of sense to other people. If Mr. Moore is executed, we’ll probably never know the total costs paid by the State of Nebraska to put him away. Mr. Bruning refuses to divulge t

Death Penalty's Cruel Toll on the Victims

As Maryland’s de facto moratorium on executions drags on, and as lawmakers in Annapolis prepare for another set of hearings in the years-long push by advocates to outlaw capital punishment, it is understandable that the families of those who were murdered by the five men on death row would be frustrated and angry. Phyllis Bricker, whose parents were murdered by death row inmate John Booth-El, gave voice to the anguish that has caused in a recent interview with The Sun’s Julie Bykowicz: “There’s been no closure, no justice. … We’re still here, and now we’re fighting the legislature. Nobody ever told us we’d have to do that.” When Mr. Booth-El was sentenced, Ms. Bricker and her family were pro

Take Action to Help End the Death Penalty in Illinois

Call Illinois Governor Quinn and ask him to sign the bill to end the death penalty Illinois is just one signature away from becoming the 16th state without the death penalty! The General Assembly passed legislation to repeal the death penalty on January 11, 2011, and the bill is now awaiting Governor Pat Quinn’s signature. Governor Quinn is encouraging people to contact his office with their opinions on the issue, and our friends in Illinois have asked for our help. In the past, Governor Quinn has indicated support for the death penalty, while also expressing concerns about the problems with the system. We need you to remind him that regardless of his position on the death penalty in princip

The Status of the Death Penalty in Nebraska

The death penalty has also been a hot topic here in Nebraska this month. Many of you may have heard that our Attorney General, Jon Burning, has requested that the state Supreme Court set an execution date for Carey Dean Moore. His request came just days after the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services announced that it had received a shipment of the final drug needed to carry out executions in the state. The drug, sodium thiopental, has recently become very hard to acquire as it is no longer being made by any companies within the United States—Nebraska officials had to acquire this supply from India. Nearly everyone is in agreement that Nebraska is unlikely to carry out an execution in

My Research Project on the Death Penalty

By: Anne McManis, Lincoln East High School When we started this assignment, my partners and I didn’t think it was going to be any different from the rest of the group projects we had done over the years. Our teacher told us to pick a topic, develop a stance, and then do something about it in our community. Frankly, if it’s homework, then the possibilities of truly caring are slim at best, so to be charged with the task of choosing a subject that we might have even the smallest inclination towards seemed like a Herculean feat. Our group talked awhile and decided to pick the death penalty, something we knew was controversial and had the possibility of actually being interesting. Our knowledge


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