Conviction of CSI Investigator Raises Reasonable Doubt

Another chilling example of the imperfections in Nebraska’s criminal justice system The conviction of Douglas County’s lead Crime Scene Investigator, David Kofoed, has again shed light on why the risk of executing an innocent person, even in Nebraska, remains a very real concern. Kofoed’s conviction was called “disturbing” by Douglas County’s top prosecutor and an expert on rules of evidence called it “devastating.” Read more about the questions raised by the conviction here. For Matthew Livers, the actions of Mr. Kofoed amounted to a living nightmare. Livers spent 8 months in jail in 2006 for two murders that he did not commit. Similar to the case of the “Beatrice 6”, Livers confessed to ki

22 Nebraska Legislators Call for more Information about the Death Penalty

Senators consider a bill to reveal the costs of the death penalty in Nebraska We got a huge indication last week that our efforts to highlight the many problems with the death penalty have had a sizable impact in the halls of the Nebraska Unicameral. Of the 44 Senators present for the vote on LB1105, half of them indicated that it was time to lift the curtain shielding Nebraskans from knowing the fiscal impact of our death penalty system. While those 22 votes were not enough to pass the bill, it should serve as a strong signal that we are making progress and that our work must continue! It was the contention of the opponents of LB1105 that knowing the cost of the death penalty would do nothi

Lethal Injection Protocols Signed

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper Governor Dave Heineman signed off on Nebraska’s proposed lethal injection protocols on February 10th. While we were not surprised by the Governor’s actions, we are are again disappointed in the lack of foresight demonstrated by our elected officials. States throughout the country have been, and still are, tied up in years-long battles over lethal injection. Why does Nebraska want to get in the business of spending years in court and millions of taxpayer dollars on an already-broken government program? We are encouraging all our supporters to send a letter to the Editor of your local paper! Now is the time to remind our fellow Nebraskans and al


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