Greetings from NADP's New Organizer

Hello NADP Supporters, My name is Carla Stormberg, and I am the new Field Organizer at NADP. I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself and to let you know about the exciting work I will be doing around the state in the coming months! I grew up in Sidney in Nebraska’s panhandle and have been happy to call Lincoln my home for the past 30 years. In 1988 began working as a database manager at Hudson Bay Company–an organization that helps non-profit organizations, including NADP, raise money for their efforts. I first became acquainted with the work of NADP in 2000 and have been a supporter ever since. I starting working at NADP’s office in Lincoln at the beginning of February and I h

"Courage and Kindness on Death Row"

By Thomas Cahill, Author of A Saint on Death Row Famed author Thomas Cahill (How the Irish Saved Civilization, Gifts of the Jews and A Saint on Death Row) pauses in his writing of the "Hinges of History" series to share this story about a death row inmate who was transformed - and, through Cahill’s writing, transforms the reader. Cahill had the unusual experience of forming a friendship with an extraordinary man, Dominique Green, who was a prisoner on death row in Texas. In this talk, he tells you about his experience and how it changed forever his view of prisoners, as well as his misunderstanding of the way justice operates in our society. This is a story of affirmation, grace, and change.

An Alarming Price Tag: The Wasteful, Inefficient Government Program

Senators consider a bill to reveal the costs of the death penalty in Nebraska On Wednesday, February 24th, the Judiciary Committee held a hearing on LB1105 which would compare the costs of Nebraska’s death penalty with non-death-penalty sentences resulting from capital murder convictions. You can read an article from the Lincoln Journal Star about the hearing here. “This isn’t just a bill in the sense of a pending law,” said NADP Board Chair Amy Miller. “This is also the bill handed to taxpayers with the dollars and cents it costs to exterminate life.” Just two days after the hearing, a new forecast of state tax revenues from the Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board predicted that Ne


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